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Those of you of the more red-blooded type may remember that it was not too long ago when so-called "shop" calendars featured more subjects of the scantily-clad, feminine type than today's surrogate sex symbols represented by images of Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar. Vendors from outfits like "Rigid" and "Snap-on" -- masculine brand names if there ever were any -- were only too happy to pass out their company's yearly calendar with all sorts of sexy woman splashed on a glossy, comb-bound page emblazened with the supplier's tradename.

Considered rare is the image above of a certain young actress (and photographer's model, obviously) who goes by the name of Lara Parker, shown on one of these aforementioned shop tool calendars. No date is given, but it is presumed to be around the time that she was about to be made much more famous as an actress on television playing Angelique in the daytime drama, DARK SHADOWS.

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