Why Would You Name Your Kid That? MALICE.

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Vee: It's true, I have a very non-standard name. But so far it hasn't really caused me any trouble. Sure, people mispronounce it for up to a six months after meeting me and a lot of folks assume I'm from some exotic background, but I've never been egged in the street or anything.
I DID read a study that proposed people with "difficult to pronounce" monickers are less likely to be promoted or chosen for jobs because it makes people uncomfortable. Apparently, failing to say your name correctly makes others angry at themselves, and that makes them hate you a little bit more.
I suppose they would also have a hard time remembering you... like, "who shall we hire?" "that chick... um... shit. What was her name-- ah, let's just go with Bob. He seemed exceptionally average."
But your name defines you, right? How awesome is Bob really going to be in life?
Not as awesome as me, I can tell you that straight up.
Whether my name made me as amazingly socially inept as I am, or if I was always going to be that way, it's shaped me into the reclusive, crazed artist you see today.

Jaime: I've always liked my name, and wouldn't change it for anything. I believe it sounds good, and represents me well, and the longer version holds the names of people I love. The only downside is that it's quite difficult for anyone to find me, because of the abundance of James Stewarts out there, and the unfortunate tendency for people of a certain age to make mention of the actor Jimmy Stewart when I'm introduced.

One fellow used to call me Jimbo, which was kind of cute really, but whenever anyone called me Jim or Jimmy my Mother would scowl them into submission - I'm sure there's a good reason, but if I ever knew it I've forgotten it entirely now.
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