My Heart is Primarily Composed of Sweet Tarts

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Vee: It continues. I feel like I need to put a disclaimer in here about hyperbole and how you shouldn't actually try snorting sugar. You'll get a mad infection in your nose at the very least.
In the past week the notion has, however, seemed reasonable. Gripped in fevered moments of sucrose withdrawal, pawing through the cupboards like a starving raccoon, only to find "natures candy", I have had moments of weakness.
James insists that dried apples are just as good as a Cinnibon.
He is clearly experiencing an altered state of consciousness -possibly brought on by being banned from eating anything humans are meant to consume- because those things taste like dried witch penises.
Oh yes, and anybody who gets the reference in this will be awarded a fabulous prize*.

* Prizes may be fictitious, imaginary, and/or metaphorical.

Jaime: While I've not yet witnessed her eating from a bag of sugar like a hopped up weirdo (I can't sure for certain it doesn't happen, I don't watch her all the time), I can say that she has an unnatural lust for sweets for a grown adult.

The odd thing is the restrain she uses when eating them; this is a woman who can eat a chocolate bar over a period of 3-4 days instead of 3-4 minutes... simply astounding.
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