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Vee: Yes, I have the type fondness for machines that most people reserve for dogs or cats.
When I see a floppy drive sitting on the side of the road, abandoned amongst the refuse, I shed a tear.
The sound of a rotary dial makes me feel nostalgic in a way you probably associate with Christmas at home or visiting your old school.
My best memories are screens of scrolling block text, excitement hearing the tail-end of a 56k modem connecting, and the heady days where a new email was novel.
At work we're decommissioning one of our old servers soon. On that day I will bawl, and people will stare, uncomprehending.

Jaime: Her affinity with and connection to technology is frightening and awe inspiring - I've seen her face light up and cooing noises escape her lips at the sight of vintage adding machines, in a way she has never reacted to a living person. 
Which isn't to say she's a gadget geek or early adopter, oh no, just like human beings a new type of technology must wait patiently for her to welcome it into her strange and unconventional heart.
When her ancient desktop computer eventually croaks I swear we'll have a proper funeral, and she'll wear a black sleeve in mourning...
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